English Classes

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◆ English classes for people of all age and native language.
We will explore the richness of the English language in literature, music and film.
It will be fun to create our own stories and find ease in expressing ourselves.

◆ Englisch Kurse für Leute jeden Alters und Muttersprache.
Wir werden die englische Sprache erkunden mit Neugier an der Vielfalt in Literatur, Musik und Film.
Es wird Spass machen Eigenes in Worte zu fassen und uns mit Leichtigkeit auszudrücken.

Iren Rothenberger hat 35 Jahre im englischen Sprachraum gelebt.
She is fluent in English, German and Schwizerdütsch.
She holds an M.Ed from Lesley College/Cambridge und das Lehrerpatent, Zürich.

You can view her book:…it’s a cardigan, a diverse collection of poems, essays and stories                                                          on Blurb: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3169857

◆ Für Kursdaten und Anmeldung:
Iren Rothenberger / +41 79 138 92 52 / iren@mcn.org

◆ Wo: Industriestrasse 7A / 8620 Wetzikon /  Switzerland
15 min. vom Bahnhof Kempten, S3

Iren’s new book: …it’s a cardigan

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As life continues with surprising and thought provoking tales, so does my ‘knitting’ of prosaic and poetic yarns.
It is told that when the policeman asked the truck driver to pull-over, he held up his knitting and said: It’s a cardigan.
Here it is: A diverse collection of poems, essays and stories with many photos and paintings.

You can preview selected sections throughout the book as well as purchase it at Blurb’s printing cost.

If you’d like a signed and dedicated book, let me know, or come by to borrow the book to read.
All the best
707 964-1914

Iren’s new webstore is online

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My first web store is launched!

After a substantial process of learning and the invaluable expertise of Design&Developer Aaron Hanson it all came together. Please check out the store and let me know your experience and suggestions that might improve it.

I welcome visitors to my studio in Fort Bragg, California. You will find works that are not listed in the store or we can discuss custom orders. You will also be able to browse Stefan’s woodworking workshop and his fun collection of new toys: Flip-flop geese, Olivia’s first toolbox, puzzles and more. They will be exhibited at the Mendocino Art Center this December. Please contact me to set up a time for a visit and get directions.

I wish you warm and delicious holidays. Iren

Olivia’s First Toolbox: made by Stefan




visit my new studio

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Dear friends,                                                                                                                                                                                       I have relocated my studio. Please visit me in the new shipping container and greenhouse textile workshop.                     This year I will be showing at the Thanksgiving Fair, a benefit for MUSE who funds many exciting programs
in our schools.
When: Friday & Saturday,
Nov. 26 & 27, 10-5pm
Where: Mendocino Recreation Center at the corner of Little Lake & Pine Street
You will find new paintings on the softest fleece hats, scarfs, headbands,
fingerless gloves and wrist warmers,

Stefan’s fun wooden puzzles and toys like this ‘Flip-Flop Goose’

as well as some of the last T-shirts and aprons with illustrations of the ‘Gorgeous Chicks’
and ‘Ham-let’ the little pig. http://www.byiren.com/gallery_chicks.shtml
and who knows
a few surprises like Adirondack chairs for children, magical flower magnets for the fridge and more.

If you are unable to attend the fair and would like to purchase or commission any of our creations please
contact us at iren@mcn.org or call 707 964-1914

my website store www.byiren.com is under construction but I am happy to send you detailed pictures and prices.

I wish you warmth and light and delicious colors in this winter season.

Iren Rothenberger

mothers day open studio sale

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Welcome to our special open studio sale

at the Fort Bragg Fabric Studio, 122 E. Fir Street (alley entrance)
call Iren 707 964-1914 or 707 961 1800 (studio)

Saturday May 9, 11 to 4pm

Saturday and Sunday May 23 and 24, 11 to 4 pm

find the perfect gift for mothers day or any occasion!
Unique handprinted and painted scarves, dishtowels, aprons, gorgeous T-shirts,
fun fleece wear, cards and much more
Iren Rothenberger and Lolli Jacobsen

Please visit Iren’s brand new website: www.byiren.com
While I add items to my store please contact me at iren@mcn.org
for any purchases or call me at 707 964-1914
thank you
Iren Rothenberger

before and after

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on a gray, wet, rainy, not so sunny Sunday, what would you rather wear:
a somber bucket hat
or rather
one if Iren’s bright and sparkling fleece hats,
did you know they keep the water out
and stay dry and cozy inside? Just shake it off when you come back inside.

welcome to art and fashion by iren

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Welcome to my brand new blog and website: byiren.com
Spring is here, pink is in.

For more news on side stream art and fashion by iren come visit soon.

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